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Taxi & For Hire

We provide clean, classic big-body style cars for optimal passenger comfort and ample trunk space. Our fleet consists of Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mercury cars. Our professional, courteous drivers know the triangle area very well, including the best and fastest routes to avoid heavy traffic and construction. They are accustomed to working with special needs, tight deadlines, busy airports, and children.


We offer hundreds of items from our very own convenience store, right at the center of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Call any time of day, and we can bring you a wide variety of products from frozen pizza to phone chargers, tobacco products to dish detergent.

Delivery Menu
Taxi Rates. less than 2 miles: $8. 2 to 5 miles: $3 per mile plus $2 pick up. 5 to 10 miles: $3 per mile. 10 to 12 miles: $30. 12 to 26 miles: $2.50 per mile. 26 to 32 miles: $65. More than 32 miles: $2 per mile. Flat rates to Transportation centers. From Chapel Hill/Carrboro going to RDU: $45; to Durham Station: $35; to Raleigh: $65. From Governors Club going to RDU: $55; to Durham Station: $45; to Raleigh: $65. From Fearrington Village going to RDU: $65; to Durham Station: $55; to Raleigh: $70. We offer a $5 senior or student discount on all flat rate trips. $40 per hour rate for unlimited miles on long trips.

Airport Taxi & Shuttle Service

Do not trust amateurs, and get in touch with us right away to catch your flight on time! We are well-known throughout the region for our reliability, integrity, and prompt response. We offer a smooth ride at a fair and affordable rate.

Local Cab & Town Car Service

Whether you need a cab as soon as possible, or you’d like to book a trip in advance, our dispatchers are answering calls 24 hours/day. Many of our customers require transportation on a set schedule; for this reason, we offer standing reservations. Regularly scheduled rides can be paid for weekly, monthly, or per trip.

Long-Distance Transportation

We have no limit on the distance we will travel, as long as you are traveling to or from the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. For trips exceeding 1 hour, we bill at an hourly rate. This includes the fastest travel time for our driver to get to pick-up location and to the destination.

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